Combine offers two ways to use Markdown. One way is to write specific sections of an HTML page in Markdown. The other is to write entire pages in pure Markdown.

Markdown in HTML

On an HTML page, use Combine's {% markdown %} tag to switch modes.

<!-- (HTML) -->
<h1>Some HTML!</h1>

{% markdown %}
## And content
{% endmarkdown %}

When paired with {% include %}, you can import Markdown content from another file. This can be a useful pattern embedding user- or machine-generated files are also readable on sites like GitHub.

<!-- (HTML) -->
<h2>You can also include a markdown file</h2>

{% markdown %}
{% include "" %}
{% endmarkdown %}

You can also render variables to markdown using the |markdown filter.

<!-- (HTML) -->
<h2>The markdown filter</h2>

{{ variable|markdown }}

Entire pages in Markdown

For simple pages (like documentation) you can choose to write an entire file in Markdown. The only requirement is that you have a block named content in your base.template.html.

<!-- -->
# A Markdown page

Everything in here will be rendered using `markdown.template.html`!

You can customize the default Markdown template by creating your own content/markdown.template.html file. This is the default:

<!-- markdown.template.html -->
{% extends "base.template.html" %}

{% block content %}
{% markdown %}
{{ content }}
{% endmarkdown %}
{% endblock %}


Markdown files can use frontmatter to set specific variables for the page, or to choose a specific template. The template field has special behavior, but anything else will be injected into the page as a variable.

<!-- (Markdown) -->
title: Group conditions
description: Custom rules for deciding who needs to review which PRs
template: config/field.template.html
  url: /config/labels/
  title: Group labels

# A markdown page

Everything in here will be rendered using `markdown.template.html`!

HTML in Markdown

When you're writing in Markdown, you can also write straight HTML for more specific styling.

<!-- (Markdown) -->
# Heading

<p class="text-lg">A larger paragraph style.</p>